Saturday, January 7, 2012

From traffic jam to SHIP Jam!!

Hey, everyone!!
It's the new year, with a new beginning and new surprises.
Oh, yes! Surprises! And here's what I got for 2012. It was just like any other normal day in Wuhan China, but as I crossed the ChangJiang 1st Bridge from hankou on my way back to wuchang, I couldn't believe my eyes!!
I know it's normal to come across traffic jams anywhere in China but what I saw on January 5th, 2012 will blow your mind. A unique SHIP JAM!!!! Amazing isn't it!?!?
Hell yeah!! You just read it right, a S-H-I-P Jam!! I was in a bus with my jaw hanging and causing my mouth to be wide open (luckily there aren't many tiny insects in winter!!) when I saw that long queue from both sides of the ChangJiang 1st Bridge. There are no bus stops anywhere near the bridge but thank god I had the quick instinct of getting a video clip using my mobile phone. Check it out, and be your own judge!!
check out the phone video at:

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