Monday, February 20, 2012


Mistakes are inevitable. We make them, we come across them, we experience them.
What's important is how we deal with those mistakes. How do we respond to the different mistakes that we have done.
It's common to hear when people say, "No one's perfect." Do we actually take this literally or practically? Not easy to say.
Do we know how many kinds of mistakes we make?
Do we really know how much damage those mistakes can make?
Anyone out there who hasn't made a mistake? Blow me!!
I haven't come across such a soul, have you? Let me know if you did!

I'm in a poetic mood now, just want to drop a few lines about "mistakes" that have been ringing in my ears;

Once in a while we make mistakes,
Mistakes that we later regret.
Once in a while we find a place,
A place we believe to be a grace.
None of it would be if wasn't meant to be,
What's next for you and me is yet to be.