Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prezida Obama na Waifu baada ya kuapishwa

Baada ya kuapishwa Prezident Obama akinengua na waifu miondoko ya muziki laiiiiiiniiiii......

Mambo ndio yameanza, kazi kubwa inamsubiri, na ana mzigo mzito wa kuwatengenezea raia wake njia ya kuelekea kwenye maisha bora espesheli ukizingatia ameachiwa li'nchi ikiwa katika hali ngumu ya kiuchumi.....

Kwa ufupi, Mzee mzima Bush alichemsha na ameliacha taifa kubwa, taifa nene katika "chaka" au tuliite "bushi" zito..kwee kwee kweee!!! Hivyo Prezida namba 44 inabidi afanye mamboz kurekebisha na kulikomboa taifa hilo. Kudadeki....tusubirie kuona Mzee mwenyewe Obama, kwa Baraka, atakavyowabam(b)a mafisadi na kuweka mambo sawa huko mbeleni....kwee kweee kweee!!
Woman arrested after child gives away hiding spot

The Associated Press
FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- A Fort Pierce woman ended up in jail because of a little girl with a big mouth. Police went to the home of 22-year-old woman on Friday to serve warrants for assault, harassing phone calls and violation probation carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.
Officers said two men and a woman at the house told officers that the woman had left, but then a 4-year old child approached one of the officers and revealed that the woman was under a bed.
Officers found the woman exactly where the child said she would be.

She was arrested and being held without bail.
Opinion: This child is a no-lying kid. Very good manners!!

President elect Obama's Inauguration

As you all know today history is in the making....Jan 20th, 2009 only hours left for the inauguration of the first African American President!!!

A great and a memorable day in this modern era indeed.

This is something special and it will remain in the memory of the whole world.....

I wonder why Mr. Bush chose that position, is he saving himself from the cold? Keeping warm in-between two ladies is a good strategy isn't it?

Welcome to Kidarubini Chit-Chat

Dear Bloggers and fellow readers,

Thank you all for dropping by and taking a look in my blog.

I specifically named it "Kidarubini" with the intention of creating an insight of what I intend to deliver in my blog. The word originates from the swahili language which is commonly spoken in East and Central Africa, where other famous swahili words such as "SAFARI", "JAMBO", "HAKUNA MATATA" and "SIMBA" originated.

Kidarubini actually comes from the word "DARUBINI" which means "binoculars" however "Kidarubini" means a smaller version of the binoculars....hehe. Mind you, the smaller it is, the better the resolution, don't you agree??

Well, I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting on the different issues that I will be "binocularizing"!!!

Once again, thank you for your valuable comments, suggestions, and critiques. I hope that we will all enjoy the essence of this blog.