Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to Kidarubini Chit-Chat

Dear Bloggers and fellow readers,

Thank you all for dropping by and taking a look in my blog.

I specifically named it "Kidarubini" with the intention of creating an insight of what I intend to deliver in my blog. The word originates from the swahili language which is commonly spoken in East and Central Africa, where other famous swahili words such as "SAFARI", "JAMBO", "HAKUNA MATATA" and "SIMBA" originated.

Kidarubini actually comes from the word "DARUBINI" which means "binoculars" however "Kidarubini" means a smaller version of the binoculars....hehe. Mind you, the smaller it is, the better the resolution, don't you agree??

Well, I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting on the different issues that I will be "binocularizing"!!!

Once again, thank you for your valuable comments, suggestions, and critiques. I hope that we will all enjoy the essence of this blog.